fortune cafe cleveland about us

My Story as a start up entrepreneur began with the idea of blending my two passions. Providing good service and exploring the mysteries of human experience. How could I possibly bring these two together in a substantial and credible way?

In the most recent past I sold cosmetics for Estee Lauder as a business manager.  Have enjoyed years of makeovers for some great customers. My whole adult life I have been a cosmetologist.  I have always known my time and conversations with my customers, was precious.

At the age of 25, I moved to NYC,  where I discovered the NY bagel.  Born and raised in Clearwater Florida, who knew the store bought bagel was just an impostor of this delicious hunk of bread I knew nothing about. In NYC I learned that people were the most challenging to please but it is what gives me the most gratification when I succeed at making customers happy. So I knew from the start I had to figure out how I can be of service but after 28 years,  no longer want to be a part of the beauty industry.

Passionate and  insatiable, from the time I was 22 years old, with books that explored our existence.  A wholehearted believer in our souls and spirit as we watch over each other.  I pray all the time and know my guardian angels are listening.  Took up the study of astrology when I needed more information.  It spoke to me in a way that my analytical brain could file away many unanswered questions.  The same with Tarot, a fascinating ancient card game that foretold the future.

Now for the big elephant in the room. It is NOT like a ouji board.  I do not call on spirits to answer and guide my cards or read an astrology chart.  It all comes from our own higher mind.  The part of our brain that is almost unusable to our conscious.  Woo!  I know deep stuff. That is why this topic is taboo. Well leave it to the Sagittarius (me) to put it all on the table with your bagel and a smear of cream cheese.  I love deep conversations, forgive me, please do not judge I have nothing but love in my heart of hearts.

Talented in the kitchen and fearless at trying my own flavors, learned to trust my own palette.  Why not Bagels?  Fortune Cafe will be my conduit to which I can serve up comfort food and bring a theme that can engage the intellect.

Although the Fortune Cafe’ website, like the rest of this adventure, is still in its novice phase.  I am confident it will blossom to provide more information, and current activities as we go along.  Learning how to wear so many hats as a start up entrepreneur has taken much of the last year and a half.  The most challenging is still ahead of me I am sure.

In just a couple weeks I am thrilled to be opening the awning to Fortune Cafe’  for the first time to customers.  Finally make this dream a reality.