Fortune Cafe  Food Truck has been working toward  passing the best bagel sensation through our service window as possible.  There have been many menu reconsiderations and in the process have come up with a new original style bagel although have gotten feedback and inspiration from customers and peers alike.  I encourage you to click through the gallery every time you visit my page to see what’s new.  Fortune Cafe food truck’s first Bomb is  The  Cinna Bagel Bomb and will absolutely explode your taste buds and everybody of coarse loves the Bacon Egg and Cheese bagel bomb.   Our newest Bagel Bomb sensations are the PB & J,  Smores,  Italian, and The Buffalo Chicken.  Can not wait for you to try them because they are delish!   

I encourage suggestions so please do not hesitate to leave me a message or Give me a review on Yelp.    All feedback is very critical to the development of Fortune Cafe’.  I appreciate your time and hope to see you at the window.

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